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Best Coffee Spot in ABQ

I've recently been on the search for some of the best coffee shops in ABQ. I finally tried Remedy Coffee off of Lomas.

Remedy Coffee is such a quaint, relaxing place to enjoy one of their signature Lavender Lattes while sitting outside in their succulent garden patio. This is what I enjoyed most while meeting with a client, chatting about Real Estate.

Another bonus is that they have Kombucha on TAP!!! What's that you say? Yes, you heard right, Remedy also features two Komuchas a month on Tap. These are made by them and vary every month! They were both extremely smooth and sooooo delicious!

Remedy also has the traditional way of doing a Cold Brew Coffee, it's called a YAMA Cold Brew coffee Tower. This process takes over 3 hours for the brewing process. They create a mixture of water and ice into the first Chamber, that then pours over the coffee beans. It then goes through a swirl chamber and into the final chamber! This is how some of the best cold brew coffee is made and is such a different experience!

I highly suggest going to Remedy Coffee to check out the Yama Cold Brew Tower, and also try their house-brewed Komucha or a Specialty Coffee!

Rent a bicycle and take a cruise after enjoying a drink around Albuquerque's Old Town or Downtown Area. You can find a Pace Bike Rental Pick up spot right outside Remedy!

Hope to you see there!

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