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“Finding Gold” - Villa Myriam Coffee Roasters a hidden gem near Downtown

Are you a coffee fan? Do you like ambiance and aesthetics teamed with quality of service, presentation, and taste? This “nestled near Downtown” addition to the Burque “brewing” scene is certainly something to taste and see!

Villa Myriam is a locally owned coffee roastery and tasting room - I say “brew” because they’re brewing beans behind that counter - and you can count on the hot cup coming out just to your liking while at the same time actually exceeding any expectations. I had the Golden Chai - and believe you me, it was like finding gold. I stumbled upon a family-launched enterprise when it comes to roasting, brewing, serving, packaging and retailing coffee - right out of the heart of Albuquerque. David Certain is one of the owners of Villa Myriam, a business supported by his family farm’s product - beans - straight from Colombia! Crazy right?! I learned all this on my short pop-in visit. But not to worry, I am hoping to learn more about this Colombian farm and Burque built business next time I stop by.

Being that I am always on the move - I need a place that suites me; I need a spot where I can sit and collect my thoughts, or one that services my needs for wi-fi and good networking. This was my first stop in, but I think I will be popping-on-by to see who’s who in the building on Commercial street.

It’s neat, clean, and quiet by day - sometimes they have night-time performances -

And… they’re always offering new and exciting simple bites for those ladies and men on the go who need a little pick me up before that big morning meeting.

I can see closing a few deals here - or closing my eyes and taking in the taste and smell of the next craft-coffee I decide to order up. Bring your pup if you want; they’re dog friendly. Free parking and an off-the-grid location are sundae toppings to this any day but Sunday stop for coffee. See you there sometime! Cheers.

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